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Have dreams of
publishing your own
books? 📚

Let's make it a reality.

Yes, you too can make
thousands of $$$ 💸 per month
self-publishing your creative work.
Let's talk about it 👇🏾

👋🏾 Hey there, I’m Laurice.

In 2022, I stumbled upon a handful of YouTubers claiming they were raking in thousands of dollars per month in "passive" income by self-publishing books, journals, & activity books through Amazon KDP*. After watching a handful of tutorials, I was like, "okay, cool, I can easily do this." But once I got into the process, I realized it's not as easy or straightforward as many make it seem. There are a LOT of steps to get from your initial concept or idea to actually selling your books through Amazon*.


After a few tries, I've become a successful self-publisher, generating another solid "passive" income stream. I use quotes around "passive," because the truth is, you DO have to put in some work to publish and generate sales. But as a creative entrepreneur who LOVES exploring new things, it's SO worth it to me.


Self-publishing can be daunting. There's writing, design, logistics for Amazon listing, and marketing. Plus, there may be some learning curves if you're not familiar with certain tools or processes. It's just... a LOT. I've seen many give up on it. 

But, fear not. I've invested time and money into research and experimenting with self-publishing (and I'm still at it), so you don't have to.

I've created a complete step-by-step, budget-friendly guide to help you self-publish your first book from start to finish with east. For $10, you'll get lifetime access to a self-guided course, which I regularly update with new insights. Check out what's included 👇🏾


Course Lessons:

  • Choosing Your Book Idea & Audience

  • Writing Your First Draft

  • Editing & Iterating

  • Designing Your Book Cover

  • Formatting & Designing the Interior of Your Book

  • Uploading Your Book to Amazon KDP

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Maximizing Royalties (aka Getting PAID 🤑)

  • and more!

Throughout the lessons you'll also learn how to effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT*, Grammarly*, Midjourney,* & Canva* to work more efficiently and to save money in your self-publishing journey.

Ready to get Started? 

Get The Complete Amazon KDP Self-Publish Guide Now!

👇🏾 $10 👇🏾


- Over 10 lessons!

- Learn how to use AI to publish your books faster!

- Regular updates (as my team learns, you learn 🙌🏾)

- Links & tutorials included

Questions? Drop me a note:

(*Laurice Brown Books is not affiliated with Amazon or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP], ChatGPT/OpenAI, Midjourney, Grammarly, nor Canva.)

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