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The Complete KDP Self-Publishing Guide


A complete step-by-step, budget-friendly guide to help you self-publish your first book from start to finish with east. For $10, you'll get lifetime access to a self-guided course, which I regularly update with new insights. Check out what's included 👇🏾 Course Lessons: • Choosing Your Book Idea & Audience •  Writing Your First Draft •  Editing & Iterating •  Designing Your Book Cover •  Formatting & Designing the Interior of Your Book •  Uploading Your Book to Amazon KDP •  Marketing Strategies •  Maximizing Royalties (aka Getting PAID 🤑) •  and more! Throughout the lessons you'll also learn how to effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT*, Grammarly*, Midjourney,* & Canva* to work more efficiently and to save money on your self-publishing journey. ​(Note: *Laurice Brown Books is not affiliated with Amazon or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP], ChatGPT/OpenAI, Midjourney, Grammarly, nor Canva.)

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